Benefits of Offering Flameless Candles with Wick to Your Customers

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There is something about a candle that makes people feel welcome, relaxed, and at home. These are feelings that are important for any business, home, and special event to evoke. Gift stores are the perfect platform for candles to be bought and sold. But candles can be expensive to maintain. They can also be messy and require clean up, and most importantly dangerous as they are an open flame. Flameless candles are easy to display in your store, showing the lifelike flame appearance, without actually burning through your products. By making the switch to flameless candles you can ensure the safety and wellbeing of your consumers.

Mess and Maintenance

With a flameless candle, your customers will no longer need to worry about dripping candle wax, burn marks, or replacing them frequently. If you have ever tried to get melted wax off tablecloths or out of furniture, you know the troubles candles can cause. The flameless candle never actually burns; therefore there is no pain of cleaning up melted wax, relighting flames that have gone out, or dealing with pesky wicks.


When your customers buy candles in bulk it takes a long time to light them all and ensure the flames are all maintained to create the atmosphere you intended for your customer. With a flameless candle, you can turn each one on with the touch of a button and even control them from a remote or set a timer for the artificial flame to be alight. This aspect of the flameless candle allows your customers to focus on other areas of their daily lives, and decrease the need for the candles to be monitored and maintained.


Flameless candles do not at all take away from the ambiance of a real candle. In fact, they often add to it! A flameless candle can come in a variety of different materials, colors, light hues, sizes, shapes, and still maintain the magical flicker and warmth a normal candle provides to a room. You can even purchase a flameless candle that has an outer part made of real wax and can have wicks! The realistic wick allows the candle to look real on or off, and conceals the LED blub within the wax to further enhance the authenticity. No matter what your gift store customers are looking for, they will not be limited by the design of a flameless candle.


In recent years, the United States Fires Departments have had to respond to more than 10 000 fires annually that were the direct result of candles. Tragically, these fires caused over 100 deaths on average per year, hundreds of millions of dollars worth of property damage, and resulted in the loss of homes, businesses, and capital. The most devastating part of these sad statistics is that those fires were all completely avoidable. By providing your customers with a safe alternative to regular candles, you are helping to decrease their risk in falling victim to an avoidable accident.  

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